Upgrading the Airport Experience

LaTrelle’s is proud to operate a portfolio of well-known restaurant brands that offer travelers and other movers and shakers on-the-go a delicious fresh meal, served with excellence. From Wendy’s and Subway, to Peet’s Coffee and Buffalo Wild Wings, the restaurants we operate are known for providing a consistently superior dining experience. In fact, three of the brands we represent were listed in the top four of Zagat America’s Top Restaurants of 2010.


Whether traveling across country by plane or cruising to work on a daily commute, we know that people have a choice in where they eat, which is why we are so proud of the success of our numerous city-based restaurants. Comprising nearly half of our current total of 23, our restaurants on the street have won an abundance of food and service awards. However, more importantly these restaurants have won a loyal following of regular customers who rely on us to provide an array of tasty selections, along with our customary great service.