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A visionary entrepreneur and dedicated family man, W.A. James Sr. believed that his wife, Gladys LaTrelle, made cookies and brownies that were superior to all others. As more and more friends and neighbors gushed about her delicious baked goods, James became convinced that his family had the makings of a successful business venture – literally sitting on the tip of their taste-buds.

OCTOBER 1981 The James’ Family – Wally Jr., Kenneth, W.A., Gladys, and LaTrelle are making waves in the brownie and cookie business.

It was then that he used his extraordinary sales and marketing talents to begin selling LaTrelle’s baked goods to local retailers, grocery stores and specialty mail order catalogs. Soon, orders for her baked goods began pouring in and LaTrelle’s Bakery was started.

As word of mouth spread and orders grew, James expanded LaTrelle’s Bakery to meet the ever-growing demands, and to produce and distribute prepared foods to convenience stores, vending machines, and institutions via national food distributor, SYSCO.

Eager to expand his vision and driven by a desire to leave a family business to his children as a legacy, James set a goal to open a LaTrelle’s bakery at Houston's William P. Hobby Airport, and in 1985, he did just that. LaTrelle’s bakery was such a success, that James made plans to expand the family business into other airports, so that travelers from all over the world could know just how wonderful his beloved LaTrelle’s baked goods are.

AUGUST 1991 The James Family, from left, LaTrelle, Gladys, Kenneth, and Cindy, <br />sample the fare at their William P. Hobby Airport location.


The James’ family owns and operates LaTrelle’s Management Company, which has grown to include nearly two-dozen restaurants located in both airports and throughout major cities. Like their father, James’ children are committed to growing the family business. They also honor his pioneering spirit by fostering in employees the amazing work ethics he taught them, along with his determination to never give up and to always dream bigger.