Leading by Example

LaTrelle’s is a business run with family values in mind. We strive to treat our employees and customers alike with respect, commitment and dedication – as we would a family member.

We value our employees’ experience, soliciting their opinions and feedback. We value, and reward, length of service and professionalism throughout the company ranks. Because we adhere to these values, LaTrelle’s boasts a highly-stable management staff and one of the best employee retention rates in the business.

We value our customers’ confidence. In terms of franchisor and airport authority relations, that means complying with contract terms of agreement to the letter. For our restaurant customers, that means meeting their expectations for quality, speed of service and cleanliness every time they visit.

We value, and deliver, a job well done, on time and within budget. We are dedicated to producing a quality product, be it in food preparation, restaurant construction or the national brands we represent, because it has the LaTrelle’s name on it.